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appeal to是什么意思,appeal to的解释:【法】 诉诸…例句:The company is prepared to trade off its up-market image a,appeal to中英例句,英汉词典。

appeal to

音标[ə'pi:ltə] 读音


【法】 诉诸...


  1. The company is prepared to trade off its up-market image against a stronger appeal to teenage buyers.该公司拟改变只售高档商品的形像,以吸引青少年顾客。
  2. Many newspapers appeal to the crowd.许多报纸受到人民的欢迎。
  3. His lawyer decided to take an appeal to a higher court.他的律师决定向高一级法院上诉。
  4. This policy will not appeal to the voters.这项政策不会受到选民的欢迎。
  5. Now her teachers corps, called Teach for American is off and running. After a rigorous competition,500 recent college graduates won places out of a field of2,500 applicants, proving Ms.Kopp's theory that making the corps selective would enhance its appeal to college students.现在她的教师工作团——名为教师报国团——已迅速展开工作。经过一番激烈竞争之后,2500名申请人中,500名刚从大学毕业的被录取。证明了柯普女士的理论:工作团从严录取将可在大学生中增加号召力。
  6. I can not say smoking appeal to me very much.我不能说吸烟对我有多大吸引力。
  7. This advertisement is calculated to appeal to children.这个广告是针对儿童设计的。
  8. Do these paintings appeal to you?你对这些画感兴趣吗?