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at least是什么意思,at least的解释:至少【法】 至少英语解释:副词 at least:if nothing else (`leastwise’ is informal and ,at least中英例句,英汉词典。

at least



【法】 至少


副词 at least:

  1. if nothing else (`leastwise' is informal and `leastways' is colloquial)同义词:leastways, leastwise, at any rate
  2. not less than同义词:at the least


  1. She's completely homeless at least I have my parents to fall back on.她是真正无家可归--我至少有父母可依靠。
  2. The mark-up on food in a restaurant is usually at least 100%.餐馆食物的成本加价率通常至少是100%.
  3. She may be slow but at least she's reliable.她迟钝是迟钝,但无论如何她很可靠。
  4. He should at least have come to say good-by.他至少也该来道个别(然而却没来)。
  5. To go abroad to study, you should at least master the language.要到国外读书,你最起码要掌握那种语言。
  6. We should brush our teeth at least twice a day.我们每天应该至少刷两次牙。
  7. I have to mop the kitchen floor at least once a day.我每天至少要把厨房地板擦洗一次。
  8. He has been there at least twice.他至少去过那儿两次。