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alignment是什么意思,alignment的解释:n. 队列, 结盟, 校正【计】 校准; 对齐; 对准【化】 找正; 对中点; 对中心【医】 成线法, 排列相关词组: out of al,alignment中英例句,英汉词典。


音标[ә'lainmәnt] 读音


n. 队列, 结盟, 校正
【计】 校准; 对齐; 对准
【化】 找正; 对中点; 对中心
【医】 成线法, 排列
out of alignment
to bring A into alignment with B
to move out of alignment with...
in alignment


名词 alignment:

  1. an organization of people (or countries) involved in a pact or treaty同义词:alliance, coalition, alinement
  2. the spatial property possessed by an arrangement or position of things in a straight line or in parallel lines
  3. (astronomy) apparent meeting or passing of two or more celestial bodies in the same degree of the zodiac同义词:conjunction
  4. the act of adjusting or aligning the parts of a device in relation to each other


  1. A dental appliance, constructed of bands and wires that is fixed to the teeth to correct irregular alignment.牙箍安装在牙齿上的纠正不规则排列的由箍带和钢丝做的牙齿矫正器
  2. On dictation equipment, a device for accurate alignment of playback head, or combined head, to the track on the recording medium.录音设备上的一种装置,它能精确地把重放磁头或组合磁头调准到记录介质的磁道上。
  3. Correct the wheel alignment on a car.修正汽车上的轮胎准线