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at length是什么意思,at length的解释:最后, 详细地词意辨析:at last, at length, eventually, finally, in the end, lastl,at length中英例句,英汉词典。

at length



最后, 详细地


at last, at length, eventually, finally, in the end, lastly

at last: 多指经主观努力,克服各种困难后才终于达到目的。
at length: 强调经历一段长时间后终于完成,侧重在时间部分。
eventually: 侧重于动作或行为的结果。
finally: 常与at last换用,都可用于对往事的描述,但finally不带感 * 彩,指一系列事情的最后结局。
in the end: 与at last同义,但in the end不仅可指“过去”还可表示对“未来”的预计。
lastly: 指连续顺序的最后,通常用在列举事情的场合。


副词 at length:

  1. after a long period of time or an especially long delay同义词:finally, eventually
  2. in a lengthy or prolix manner同义词:lengthily


  1. At length the bus arrived, forty minutes late.公共汽车终於来了,晚了四十分钟。
  2. I arrived at that city at length.我最终到达了那个城市。
  3. We will debate the subject at length later when we are at leisure.我们等有空再对这题目展开辩论。
  4. The sea was gradually gaining on the buildings, which at length almost entirely disappeared.大海不断地侵蚀着这些建筑物,最后它们几乎完全不见了。
  5. At length she bethought herself of writing, and inscribed her name-it was a short one-with her hoof on the sand.最后她终于想到了写字,用一只蹄子把她的名字--很短的一个名字--划在沙地上。
  6. The opposing forces at length met and at once joined battle.敌对的两军最后相遇,立即开火交战。
  7. He spent ten minutes at the phone while the others fretted and fumed. At length he put the receiver down.他打了10分钟电话,其他的人都等得不耐烦了。最后他终于放下了听筒。